Sunday, August 12, 2007

Something about my Goan heritage

I happened to find this video on Youtube...

it was made by a Goan in the Uk. The video shows Goan sweets. The music was recorded by a local Goan band that was playing during a local fiesta. That is something strange about us goans...we are everywhere but Goa. Goa is taken over by the Germans, the Brits and other Europeans. the music playing in the background is traditional Goan music. I wish I had some of it here. But I dont even know what the music is called...I cant even name a single Goan song...i wish i knew more about my culture, but it is hard to do that when you grew up thousands of miles away. Yeah, are music is actually different from the stuff from Arabia or India. Our culture and food differ roo. i guess we shouldnt be stereotyped to be alike just because we look the same. But according to most narrow-minded cultures..."you are what you look and sound like".

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